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Recent Activities

  • Michaela Joy

    For those of you who grabbed the code in the previous post, you need an update.


    So I started to test the code and I found a few nasty bugs. Hotkeys mysteriously not firing, double commands after closing a dialog box.

    So I spent a…
  • Michaela Joy

    Hi All,
    There are times when I needed to get input from the user, but I didn't want to build a custom dialog box.
    So I came up with a simple solution:


    (Code, 142 lines)

    To use this, you will need to add the following two lines:

  • Michaela Joy

    Hi All,
    One very nice feature in an application is the ability to respond to keyboard chords. An example of the use of this technique is Visual Studio.

    To toggle regions , you would press <Ctrl+M>,'M'.

    In this post, I'm going to share a (fairly)…