Forum Rules

By using the forums, you agree to hereby adhere to the rule set. These rules may be amended or changed at any time without prior warning.

1. Advertising:

Advertising is not allowed unless discussed with an administrator first. All posts and profiles are read by staff members and If we see something questionable it will be removed. You are allowed to add personal website links to your profile or signature. This rule now includes the addition of posting affiliate links used to generate revenue. Affiliate linking is prohibited.

2. Spam:

Repeat posting is not allowed and will be removed. Short replies could be removed but is entirely up to staff discretion.

3. Language and trolling:

We are a friendly community so please keep your language to a minimum*. Harsh words are not permitted and this applies to any kind of highly offensive, discriminatory, or any other vulgar language. Anything considered in this category that is not automatically blocked will be removed by staff and the offending user will be warned or have their account terminated.

Do not provoke the community with provocative, outrageous, or pointless comments, i.e. Trolling.

No combative behaviour indirect or direct. Personal issues are not to be brought into the forum. We understand people have bad days, but this is no excuse so a cool off period will usually be set. Repeat offenses will lead to account termination.

*You can swear however if you direct it at somebody to intentionally offend them or the word used is extremely offensive a punishment will follow.

4. Attacking members:

No insults or personal attacks will be tolerated, we must respect different values and beliefs. There's a big difference between passionate discussion and personal matters. Please maintain a positive attitude towards others.

5. Bullying:

Although this could come under "Attacking Members", this rule will be kept separate so all members can be seen here and now. Any individual or group bullying will be investigated and the offending account(s) will be immediately terminated but data retained. There are no infractions for this offense.

We will also cooperate fully with any victims, if the offense is serious enough we will encourage contacting respectable law authorities relating to the Protection from Harassment Act and the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act in the United Kingdom.

7. Staff and banning:

Staff are not exempt from the rules, those who misbehave will be stripped of rank and warned. They may have their rank reinstated, but this entirely depends on the circumstances. In most cases, you will not get your rank back. Serious offenses from staff will end with account termination.

If you have an issue or complaint please message a member of staff, they are here to assist you. Remember, we reserve the right to ban abusive members without warning.

7. Cross-posting:

If you have something to post and you're not sure where it belongs, do not post it in more than one forum. If the staff think it would fit better in another location, it will be moved there. Duplicate threads only serve to create confusion.

8. Signature:

No email addresses, personal details, advertising, swearing, racism or anything else deemed as offensive. Please keep image dimensions within reason, Images that are too large will be moderated as they create a mess.

9. Usernames:

Members are entitled to request a username change at any point, however may be refused by staff if a good reason is stated to the member.

Certain usernames are already restricted. Any new members with usernames including profanity or restricted words will be temporarily banned and prompted to change their username. Users who do not reply to a mandatory change will have their account terminated and username added to the blacklist.

10. Multiple accounts:

Multiple accounts are not permitted and will flag automatically on our system. If you forget your password please use the password recovery process, this way you will be able to change your password given that you have access to the email address associated with your account.

If you are still unable to login please contact a member of staff to rectify the issue.

11. Links and files:

Links and files are allowed as long as they do not contain forbidden or illegal content (see below). Torrents are also allowed but must follow the same principal.

Forbidden content includes but is not limited to pornographic material, indecent material, warez, serials, keygens, cracks or pirated material (movies, music, pre-activated software). We strictly forbid anything that could circumvent copyright protection. We do not condone piracy and this will lead to an instant ban, links removed and posts locked or removed.

12. Piracy and theft of services:

Discussion condoning software piracy and illegal material is strictly prohibited. This rule includes discussion on any reverse engineering of registered company equipment that could circumvent encryption and allow free services, i.e. Cable, Satellite, Internet Services or Software.

13. Plagiarizing:

Do not plagiarize or copy forum material. If you must quote somebody’s work there must be a backlink to the original author.

14. Personal information:

Posting of personal information anywhere on the forum is strictly prohibited. We take user security very seriously. Personal information includes, but is not limited to your real name, address, phone number, email, national insurance or social security number, driving license number or passport number.

We expect members to report anybody requesting such information from you unless they are a well-known and trusted friend.

15: Religion and Politics:

We are a political and religion neutral forum. Debates and discussion regarding such categories are prohibited. Such discussion or debates will incur an infraction. Serious offenses will lead to account termination.

16. Illegal activity:

Our server is located in the United Kingdom, United Kingdom law must be followed at all times which includes any copyright acts and computer misuse acts. We will report any users expected of illegal activities to law enforcement and cooperate fully with any investigation that may be carried out. We will also report any foreign illegal activities to respective law enforcement and cooperate fully with any investigation that may be carried out.

17. Terrorism:

Any member using our service who is suspected of being involved with terrorist activity will be immediately reported without notification and data relating to the incident will be retained.

- Our staff reserve the right to apply any punishment they feel necessary on a case-by-case basis.